Inner Critic You/re Out of Here

The imagination journal has really helped me to loosen up and feel comfortable with just letting go, trusting the process and having the confidence in myself.

That inner critic is sooo annoying! You know the one. It rarely has anything good to say. Full of unsolicited advice. But, I have finally figure out the best way to keep him/her away. 

I am my own best friend. I wouldn't this inner critic speak to my best friend like that! She would be out the door soooo would feel like a world wind of a storm. LOL
So why do I allow her to speak to me that way. Why do you allow that inner critic to speak to you that way? You don't deserve it! Be you own best friend.

Once I began to tell her I wasn't listening any more another inner voice emerged. One that knows, one that was inspiring, excited, passionate and loving. Yup! This is the voice I am listening to!!!!

And good things happen

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