Ganesha 2-8-09

He is finished. This was a fun painting to paint. I think I really step outside of myself and experimented with composition and technique. This process of putting down big bold colors in 10 minutes was fun. I'm a slow painter so this was a break from habit. I have two others in the same process. One has potential and the other....well just lets say... no matter how many times I come back to it's not going to happen! I color corrected Ganesha's photograph, straighten some lines, but I decided not to add texture. For now, it is time to put it away, where I can not see it for a while. This way I'll come back with a fresh perspective, to see if it's truly finished.


Diary of C&A said...

Wow, thats a really good painting.
i really like art too :)

Lynn Logan Roselli said...

Thanks for your kind words.

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