Taking a break

I am taking a break from painting in oils. So blue Ghanesha has to wait. I have been experimenting in watercolors and having fun. Oh yeah and lots of frustrations. If anyone knows of a good technique on how to erase a mistake... I would love to hear it... I have gotten a few good suggestions from friends but would love the hear more.

Here a quick sketch of my husband while he was watching T.V.


Anonymous said...

Erasing watercolors... well, wipe the paper with a wet sponge - the paint will come off as long as you did not use a staining color (such as Permanent Rose)! If your paper is thick enough you can even rinse it off in the sink, but then you may need to stretch it afterwards to avoid buckling.

Lynn Logan Roselli said...

Thanks that helps. I had plenty of practice with this technique today.

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