Work in Progress.

I been taking care of some art business for the past two weeks and haven't had time to focus on creating. But, I was able to go back this weekend. Today, I decided to experiment with pen, Chinese ink, and watercolors. Here's my first attempt.

I found this unusual tree in Astoria Park. It grows almost sideways. It has a huge gapping whole that extends from the base to the middle of its trunk. The whole is so deep it almost reaches to the other side. The branches twist and turn as they grow upward. This tree is quite the sight. As unusual as it is....its uniqueness makes it so beautiful that I had to go for it!


Ellen said...

This is absolutely beautiful! Sometimes the positions trees wind up in are almost humanlike. Interesting. Maybe it's all the cartoons we've seen of trees coming to life. This one looks like it has a soul though. Great job.

Gary said...

I agree with Ellen - this tree has so much character - the form is fascinating, but you could easily get lost in the detail as much as you want - like an older person's face - it's easy to imagine its story. This is your first attempt (with this tree or with watercolor/mixed media?) You certainly exhibit an understanding of the aesthetic of the medium.

Doug said...

Hi Lynn.

What a marvelous tree!- and your
depiction of it, its strength, courage, and endurance

reminds me of the dark warrior
I see at its hollow, yet I sense a the tree's vulnerability as well.

Thomas Dylan's words come to mind,
"do not go gently into the night..."

I think your first attempt using Chinese ink and water colors is terrific!


Lynn Logan Roselli said...

Thank you all for all the insight. This has turned into one of my favorites and I enjoying the medium!

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