Fall Leaves

Recently, I haven't been painting and posting. I have been busy with life. So, I have been taking 20 minutes walks around the neighborhood. What a rejuvenation! This years, the colors of the leaves, in New York, seem richer and more vibrant. I especially love the yellows and the browns this year. I have been blown away! So, I've been collecting leaves, starting with one leaf that catches my eye and the rest just seem to complement it. These are the ones I collected today on my walk.

Happy Halloween!


Doug said...

Hi Lynn
Nice work!
Those colors...,
and so artfully arranged.

I love the alchemy of leaves;
the amazing imagery
that discerning eyes
can often find in leaves.


Lynn Logan Roselli said...

Hi Doug
This fall the leaves have been amazingly intense. Probably from all the rain we had this summer. It's been real fun hunting for those perfect leaves that work so well together.


Gary said...

Hi Lynn - sorry I haven't been in touch. These leaves are really great - looks like source material to me for paintings - they way they are presented is an artform too. I love that fern like plant - beautiful!

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