Art Goals: 2010

Well, who can believe it is already 10 years into the millennium. Every year I set these great goals. What I want to accomplish health, career, financial etc. Somewhere around June or July, I remember I need to do a better job at keeping these goals. This year it different. Today, I am keeping it simple. Instead of a setting goals, every day I am going to ask myself  "What have I done for my art today?" 

The Artists Objective Website offers a weekly discussion around this topic. It has keep me more focus on creating, marketing and networking my artwork. Reading other artist's process on the business side of art, encourages to take these stepsSo my New Year's resolution is to focus on What I have done for my art on a daily basis.

Today, I joined a meetup, called The Central Park Sketching and Art Meetup Group. I am looking forward to doing something new this year.

Happy New Year!

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