Where's the Good Paper?

I attended a conference and I left my sketchbook at home. Not to be deterred on my lunch-break, I found some notebook paper, walked to the local park in New York City, and found this statue. It was the best lunch-break in a long time and it was to nice of a day on Saturday to waste time eating.  


ali said...

i know how you feel - it is the moments when you can get away and spend an hour drawing that are so important. Especially when you are out and about in town, and there are so many things worthy of drawing.

Lynn Logan Roselli said...

Love it.. and since summer is now here... I make sure I carry my sketchbook with me. Thanks for the comment!

NotJustAnotherBrickInTheWall said...

Great sketch!! I love it! I do fashion illustration, hope you will check my blog!

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