Missing Art

Life has been really busy lately. Both my friend and father-in-law have been in CCU. My dad has been there fro 7 weeks and now we are taking it day by day....looking for any positive signs and seeking hope. My friend thankful is getting better day by day. It's a slow process for her. There has been no time for art or posting..which I miss as it help me clear my head. I see I have new friends and am happy that you are following my blog. I will be visiting your blogs soon. But today I going to take a little me time to regroup and do some art.


Gary said...

Gosh Lynn - I guess there's no avoiding times like these. We are rooting for you.

Anonymous said...

I wish you well. I'm honored you took some time to visit my blog recently. I'm enjoying looking at what you've done and posted to your blog.

crystal said...

Sorry Lynn,
i just did a random blog search on NEXT BLOG above on blogspot and came to your blog.
After reading about your hardship, have you ever done art journaling?
this may be a good way for you to do art in a simple form in the hospital if you are in the waiting room. Maybe even just a small lilned joiurnal where you could jot down feelings, memories, even art ideas that pop in that help us artists to cope.
I am sorry about your hardships.

Savannah said...

Beautiful. I love your blog. You are invited to check out my blog.

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